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Vapes cedar rapids ia


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Vapes cedar rapids ia


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Vapes cedar rapids ia

Vapers Of Cedar Rapids, IA Call The HaZy HideAway Home

Vapes, Hookahs for Sale, Hookah Products, Shisha, E-liquids & More

Whether you smoke hookah in a crowd or vape solo, you can find a wide variety of products at The HaZy HideAway Vape and Hookah. Our locally owned and operated vape shop is based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Browse our collection of vapes and hookah pipes. Once you make your selection, check out our vape lounge. We offer over 100 e-liquid flavors and can help you with your choice by making recommendations.

For more information about our inventory, call  (319) 826-6686 today.

It's never too late to quit cigarettes

Do you wish you could stop smoking? Let The HaZy HideAway help. Vaping is an affordable alternative to smoking, and you can meet other vapers at our Cedar Rapids lounge. Make the switch to vapes – we carry e-liquids in every nicotine strength. Once you stop buying cigarettes, you’ll have more to spend on vaping hardware and accessories, including:

Got questions about vaping? Feel free to contact our experts.

3 perks of vaping in Cedar Rapids

  1. You'll look undeniably cool - vaping is popular throughout the country. You'll soon see why.
  2. You can kick your smoking habit to the curb - take care of your body. Ditch the cigs, and purchase your vape now.
  3. You can buy new vape hardware from us - did you run out of e-liquids? Don't worry, you can stock up at The HaZy HideAway.
We're not just blowing smoke - vaping really is this awesome.

  • The Hazy Hideaway Vape and Hookah

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