Watch Your Habit Go Up In Smoke

Watch Your Habit Go Up In Smoke

Cedar Rapids, Iowa: we’ll find the e-liquid flavor for you.

You take smoke breaks constantly. You hate smelling like cigarettes. And you’re worried about your lungs. Why not quit?

Take a step in the right direction by visiting The HaZy HideAway Vape and Hookah. Our vape shop is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and we have 170 different flavors of e-liquid. Come in today, and try vaping for yourself.

Get a taste of the fly life

At The HaZy HideAway, we order new flavors and vape gear frequently. Sample fruity e-liquids and practice blowing clouds of vapor. You can ask our knowledgeable associates about:

  • PG and VG levels
  • E-liquids with a throat kick
  • Hookah tobacco
You can also test out any of our products by dropping by The HaZy HideAway today!